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We hire candidates without experience. If you have desire and ambitions, send your CV and we will contact you!

Different people bring out different aspects of one’s personality. That is why our goal is to form a work environment from creative, ambitious and purposeful people who have stars in their eyes.

About the company

Truck Beast is a leading Landstar Corporation Agency, which has been engaged in transportation in the United States for more than 5 years. Since 2016, we are tracking the shifting of thousands of loads and are among the best representatives of the corporation. Our essential benefits are high technologies and ambitious team that is ready to grow and develop.

Why do we choose logistics? The answer is simple – this is exactly the sphere that connects the point A and B, people and technique, ancient and modern. In logistics technology and innovation change quickly and people are the main point without whom this sphere can not simply exist.

The main part of the company is the people we work with. Our goal is not only the development of the company, but also the personal growth of each employee in it.

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